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Welcome to the Piano Shop

Established in 1978,.by my Dad(Malcolm) as a side line to his removal company ...He also set up a little workshop with 2 technicians the polisher and me ....) I came to love the renovation /transformation process applied to an  old piano producing a beautiful music making instrument...... The Piano shop is located at 61 St. Johns Road, Waterloo. We usually stock between 15 - 20 uprights and 1 or 2 Grand Pianos;

 We also offer a full renovation service which includes piano tuning and servicing. .


We can do most things piano; from cosmetic cleaning and refinishing to full re-strings and action rebuilds, recentreing case repairs/polishing.

Piano Tuning

We offer a complete tuning, regulating and repair service; a single tuning usually costs around £ to keep them tuned....


We also stock a variety of new and used instruments from Electric and Acoustic Guitars to Violins,  other string and wind instruments......also PA equipment....guitar strings ....drums ...stands....etc
 Give us a call we will try to find what you need....

The Future.... we in the process of moving to a new premises at:

1A Vale road, Crosby, Livepool

 We are expanding to incorporate:

  • New workshop for piano renovation work
  • Fully sound-proofed teaching and rehearsal space
  • A 2-roomed recording space
  • Living accomodation
  • A very quiet garden area